Linkio brings you toward the Smart Connected Home

Home appliances designers and manufacturers, controlling, centralizing and programming your products through a Smartphone become eventually accessible.

Control your devices with a smartphone


No smart box needed for local control

Then let your home be smart autonomously 

Extend control range through the BLE Mesh


Feature – Easy Pairing

Within 10s - Proximity Pairing < 1m

It will require only 8min for a restaurant to pair 50 lights

Feature – Individual / Group Control

Unit Control


Or Group Control




You can decide with one tap to control one object, a floor or even a house

Feature – Scheduling & Scenarios

1. Programming


2. Local action in the object


You can program your heater to turn on at 5pm, before you come back from work


Program it to turn on automatically when the temperature is below 17°C

Feature – Simple Interactions

1. Programming


2. Objects interact without App

Create triggers

Program a remote or a switch to control your shutters or your garage door

Additional Feature – Simple Interactions

Additional Wifi / BLE gateway to build cloud services

Remote Control Assistance & Security

Monitor medically dependent people through sensors


Receive data directly on your smartphone in case of burglary

Our offer

You are home appliances manufacturer ?

A BLE Mesh protocol dedicated to Home.

  • Based on Bluetooth 4.2 – upgradable to Bluetooth 5
  • Augmented radio range thanks to LINKIO’s MESH
  • Registration and configuration super fast, secured and simple
  • Control devices one by one or using groups through a smartphone
  • Over 50 profiles of sensors and actuators for Smart Home
  • Self-Organized and dynamic network
  • Includes a task scheduler, individual scenario support
  • Firmware update over the air

Direct control with the Mobile App

  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Direct control with Bluetooth Low Energy of LINKIO’s devices
  • Secured registration to the Mesh
  • Grouped or individual devices control
  • Create tasks and build scenario
  • Can be upgraded with new device’s profiles
  • Cross-Platform: Android and iOS

An OEM module ready to be integrated

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Module (BLE 4.2, Bluetooth 5 ready)
  • High computing performance (Nordic nRF52 - Cortex M4, 64MHz)
  • Entirely configurable (20 GPIO)
  • Very low power consumption (0,3μA - 8mA)
  • Embedded antenna (radio budget 100 dBm)
  • Designed to be easily integrated in products
  • Firmware ready to use, customisable, upgradable
  • Cost effective

An open and novative solution

  • Open API
  • Cloud based connection
  • Can be embedded in a Box or any Internet connected gateway
  • IoT advanced functionalities available (voice control, IoT framework APIs)

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