Our vision : an unique approach !

What if controlling the home appliances from your smart-phone becomes as simple as using Bluetooth in your car ?

With Linkio and your Smartphone, act on your home from your finger tips. It’s all that easy.

The consumer gets equipped step by step with connected product for his house. Linkio adds, for all everyday appliances,
functional value, simplicity and convergence toward the smartphone, fitted to actual way of living.
We hope that one day, smart home and technology will become imperceptible and fully integrated into our daily lives.

Who are we ?


In 2015, LinkIO has been founded, based on a common statement among its co-founders: there are no simple, intuitive and affordable solutions enabling Manufacturers and OEMs to create a strong added value for their products by enabling them to be connected.


LinkIO develops an innovative global solution based on technological products of advanced connectivity.
The founder team, which is very complementary in terms of skills, has mastered the technology and has a unique know-how that ranks us amongst the only players in the market to offer a Bluetooth Low Energy MESH solution dedicated to Smart home and soon, Smart Building.


Based in the start-up incubator « Le carré » (see the picture below), located in the heart of « French Tech in the Alps« , LinkIO provides a complete solution that differentiates itself from the existing offers by its simplicity of integration and its efficiency.


We have built a Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh solution that allows you creating your own environment.
Our aim is to help you providing with the best offer to respond to your customers’ use cases. Markets are following the digital transition. Companies are looking forward to improve their products with the IoT, and customers wants to simplify their daily lives.


With LinkIO, Upscale to Smart Home !

The founders

Kevin Berton

President, Founder and CEO.

Bruno Deguet

General Manager, Co-Founder and CTO.

David Knossow

COO, Co-Founder.