Partner Products by Nodon – Micromodule

Here is an article by the Domadoo Blog explaining the advantages of Bluetooth Low Energy MESH made by LinkIO, and used in our partner Nodon's products :

Here's a translated excerpt from the blog :

"Another highlight of the Bluetooth Mesh, which we had already discussed: Mesh network, [...] the scope is almost unlimited, especially since the number of devices is not limited to 232 as the Zwave. On a show like the CES, which is saturated with waves in all directions, and where the demos really struggle to work, the demo of Bluetooth Mesh has posed no problem at all.
[...] It must be said that Bluetooth speaks much more to people than Zwave or EnOcean for example. Everyone today has Bluetooth on their smartphone, and these devices will be compatible with any bluetooth equipment. It is therefore much easier to convince the neophyte."

Partner Products by Ubiwizz – Mobile App


Ubiwizz and LinkIO are working together towards a smarter, more connected world. 

The mobile app we created for them allows the possibility to integrate products like the wireless and battery-less switch as well as E27 light bulbs into an ecosystem of connected products.

LinkIO's primary aim is to create an ecosystem of products which can interact and are compatible with each other. Therefore, this news showcases the beginning of the realisation of our objective.

We advocate green technologies which consume less electricity. Thus, we are looking into other methods of integrating products using energy harvesting and other low consumption devices.

Immobilier de Demain Conference – 2018

11 December, 2018

LinkIO was happy to attend the conference on the "Real Estate of Tomorrow", followed by demonstrations of innovative solutions by local start-ups. 

It was an occasion to find like-minded companies of the region in order to find eventual synergies and create cooperation. This was a good time to do so as Alibaba, Xiaomi, and others technology leaders had just announced their decision to choose Bluetooth Mesh as the strategic protocol for Smart Home solutions.

LinkIO took this opportunity to present partner products and the various customisable control options : the remote, switch and mobile app.

We also showcased some of our functionalities :

  • Simple and safe pairing
  • Device programming
  • 250 + devices per network
  • Configuration sharing
  • Device update via smartphone

Partner Products by S&G – E27 Bulbs

LinkIO is proud to present the new addition to our partner Smart and Green's connected range of products: the E27 bulb, featuring LinkIO technology inside.

It of course has all the current functionalities developed by LinkIO. Further software updates can be done over the air to include new features and functionalities. 

The bulb can be controlled via smartphone or tablet and offers the possibility of adjusting brightness, colors and scheduling when they can lamps turn on. They also illuminate incredibly well, at 1000 lumens. The bulb itself has a product lifetime of 40000 hours.

This is one of many products soon to be featured with LinkIO's BLE MESH integrated, so stay tuned for more!

Partner Products by S&G – Lamps

Smart lamps on a karting track

Products Release - S&G


With the release of our partner products from Smart and Green powered by BLE MESH technology by LinkIO, here is a small teaser showcasing the effectiveness of our modules. Our connected lighting devices can create an infinite number of new possibilities with our Bluetooth Smartmesh technology.

In the video, over 300 lighting devices and controlled with one click. Users can enjoy the creation of various scenarios, object interactions and change the colors of the bulbs. Smart and Green continues to promote these connected lights as well as functionalities developed by LinkIO such as movement detection, preset settings and task customisation. 


IBS Trade Fair – 2018

6 - 7 November, 2018

LinkIO was present at the IBS Expo at Paris (Porte de Versailles) to present our Bluetooth Low Energy MESH solution! 

 During the event, major players of the intelligent building industry had the opportunity to discover:

- The technology created at LinkIO
- Our products and services
- The functionalities of our modules

In short, the possibility of offering your customers the possibility of controlling all their electrical appliances with their Smartphone.


SB4SC Trade Fair – 2018

5 - 6 September 2018

LinkIO was present for the 5th edition of the Smart Building for Smart Cities trade fair in Lyon, France. We presented our Bluetooth Low Energy MESH solution adapted to smart building during this event.

Object pairing, object interactions, task planification and other functionalities were among the demonstrations which pleased visitors with speed and ease of use. We were able to meet many French companies and even potential international ones. 

Our partner companies featuring connected products were also present, such as Smart and Green and Nodon. 

It was an eventful two days which showcased the trends and rising technology within the smart building industry.


SidO Trade Fair – 2018


LinkIO was a part of the SidO 2018 edition, the 4th and 5th April 2018. We all gathered at the Cité Internationale to present, during two days, our offer and our innovative solutions. To summarize a little bit, we were 350 exhibitors, 6900 visitors and over 55 conferences with top class speakers.

This was a chance for us to shine among the Minalogic booth and to present our mesh. We’ve also met our current customers and made several contacts with potential future partners.

See you next year !

SidO – 2018


LinkIO will be at SidO next week for the the largest international showroom dedicated to the Internet of Things, open access for all professionals!

Meet us and discover LinkIO, at Lyon for the 2018 edition of the SIdO. Home appliances designers and manufacturers, what if joining the IoT and SmartHome market becomes accessible? Discover our solution and find out new partnership opportunities!