Partner Products by Nodon – Micromodule

Here is an article by the Domadoo Blog explaining the advantages of Bluetooth Low Energy MESH made by LinkIO, and used in our partner Nodon's products :

Here's a translated excerpt from the blog :

"Another highlight of the Bluetooth Mesh, which we had already discussed: Mesh network, [...] the scope is almost unlimited, especially since the number of devices is not limited to 232 as the Zwave. On a show like the CES, which is saturated with waves in all directions, and where the demos really struggle to work, the demo of Bluetooth Mesh has posed no problem at all.
[...] It must be said that Bluetooth speaks much more to people than Zwave or EnOcean for example. Everyone today has Bluetooth on their smartphone, and these devices will be compatible with any bluetooth equipment. It is therefore much easier to convince the neophyte."