Home appliances designers and manufacturers, controlling, centralizing and programming your products through a Smartphone become eventually accessible.

Linkio brings you toward the Smart Connected Home

A BLE Mesh protocol dedicated to Home.

  • Based on Bluetooth 4.2 – upgradable to Bluetooth 5
  • Augmented radio range thanks to LINKIO’s MESH
  • Registration and configuration super fast, secured and simple
  • Control devices one by one or using groups through a smartphone
  • Over 50 profiles of sensors and actuators for Smart Home
  • Self-Organized and dynamic network
  • Includes a task scheduler, individual scenario support
  • Firmware update over the air

Direct control with the Mobile App

  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Direct control with Bluetooth Low Energy of LINKIO’s devices
  • Secured registration to the Mesh
  • Grouped or individual devices control
  • Create tasks and build scenario
  • Can be upgraded with new device’s profiles
  • Cross-Platform: Android and iOS

An OEM module ready to be integrated

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Module (BLE 4.2, Bluetooth 5 ready)
  • High computing performance (Nordic nRF52 - Cortex M4, 64MHz)
  • Entirely configurable (20 GPIO)
  • Very low power consumption (0,3μA - 8mA)
  • Embeded antenna (radio budget 100 dBm)
  • Designed to be easily integrated in products
  • Firmware ready to use, customisable, upgradable
  • Cost effective

An open and novative solution

  • Open API
  • Cloud based connection
  • Can be embeded in a Box or any Internet connected gateway
  • IoT advanced functionalities available (voice control, IoT framework APIs)

Our offer

You are home appliances manufacturer ?

READY to be Integrated / On the shelf

Connected module
  • The OEM LIO52 module is affordable, ready to be embeded in your products
  • The mobile App. is enough to control your appliances, remote control of the box are optional
  • Our technology embeds more than 50 profils adapted to home appliances

READY for YOU / Easy to use

Intuitive Mobile App
  • We have adapted the usage of Bluetooth Low Energy to the needs of the Smart Home
  • Smartphone-Products registration is easy and secured
  • The mobile app is intuitive and can be rebranded
  • We provide full support to help you to integrate our technology in your products

READY for MORE / Easy upgrade

Easy Upgrade
  • Dedicated functionalities can be developped for your products
  • Additional devices can be added to your appliances : sensors, buttons... and made compatible with other solutions (through API or our Box)
  • Maintain and perform the relationship you establishwith your clients by capturing their product’s related behaviours